The Life And Times

The Life And Times - Lost Bees

As someone who alternately despises and appreciates the need to use labels when discussing music, I always have a hard time when I talk to people about The Life And Times. My enthusiasm is hard to miss, but accurately describing what they sound like can be a bit difficult.

A good friend of mine turned me on to them a few years ago. There was something instantly familiar about them and yet, they didn’t really sound like anyone else I could think of. There were hints of many different sub genres of alternative rock that would give you points of reference, but none of them are all-encompassing and the lush complexity of The Life And Times’ music deserves more of your attention than two or three quick buzzwords will allow.

They recently blew through town while touring in support of their new album, Lost Bees. The record was not going to be available for purchase before the LA date and I read online that they were planning on playing the new album from start to finish, which I thought was odd considering that most people would not have heard it in advance.

Thankfully, Lost Bees was already streaming on Spotify and I was able to give it a spin beforehand. Unsurprisingly, it stands up extremely well to all of their other releases. In fact, the only thing as consistently strong as their recorded output is their live shows. All three members are phenomenal musicians and despite some technical difficulties with one particular piece of gear, they gave a(n) (inter)stellar performance, as always.