Day Eleven: Thank You Very Much

Graceland. As if you had to ask.
Graceland. As if you had to ask.

A trip to Memphis just wouldn’t be complete without visiting Graceland. I’m not the biggest Elvis fan in the world, but I appreciate what he contributed to rock and roll history. The house and the grounds are kept in immaculate condition, but the whole experience made us feel like cattle. They move an obscene number of people through that place every day and although the audio portion of the tour is interesting, I didn’t really like wearing an iPad around my neck the whole time.

Lunch today was at Blues City Cafe, another local joint recommended by another local cab driver. It was better than Central BBQ, but still not that great.

For the record: Texas BBQ > Memphis BBQ

We had to run a few errands this afternoon, so we didn’t manage to do any more sight seeing today. For dinner, we decided on a non-BBQ option and ate at a place called Babalu Tacos and Tapas in Overton Square. Our meals were much better than the name suggests — especially the guacamole made table side. We walked back to our hotel to try and offset some of the day’s caloric intake. Tomorrow, we are heading to Nashville.