A Blind Man Walks Into A Sauna

Ryan Knighton
Ryan Knighton

While I was traveling over the holidays, I picked up a copy of AFAR magazine to read on the plane. I’ve always been impressed with their writing and photography, as well as the amount of space they give to places that are off the beaten path.

There was one particular story in the JAN/FEB 2014 issue that really stood out to me. It was written by a blind man by the name of Ryan Knighton. He is brilliant, self-deprecating and extremely funny. It was really interesting to read about a place I’ve never been through the experiences of someone who relies solely on their other four senses.

Granted, the magazine article was accompanied by beautiful photographs that helped tell the story to sighted readers, but it was Ryan’s unique and descriptive writing that really got my attention. It made me think about how I experience new places when I’m traveling on my own. The thought of not being able to navigate by sight is intimidating to say the least. After reading this article, I will definitely pay more attention to the sounds and smells and the very literal feel of places going forward.

Ryan already has several books under his belt and there is apparently a movie on the way. I am excited to delve more deeply into his work. He has a very unique voice and perspective and I think this world needs a lot more of that.